The AusIMM Chartered Professional Program

Competent, current and qualified resource industry leaders

The AusIMM Chartered Professional (CP) Program provides recognition of the professional status of CP members by assessing competency and ensuring this is maintained through Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities.

As an AusIMM Chartered Professional you will extend and update your knowledge, skill and judgement in your area of practice so that you can:

  • maintain and further develop technical competence in your nominated discipline
  • ensure mine owners, employers, and clients that services are provided in a professional and competent way
  • provide the public confidence in the standards of practice of mining professionals.

Accreditation as a Chartered Professional is available in the following professional practice specialities:

  • Geology
  • Geotechnical
  • Mining Engineering
  • Metallurgy
  • Environmental
  • Management

It is important that all current and prospective Chartered Professionals carefully review and understand both the By-Laws and the Guidelines of the program.

Click here to review the Chartered Profession By-Laws.

Click here to review the Chartered Professional Guidelines.

Applying for CP CPD review
Benefits Using CP post-nominals
The AusIMM Chartered Professional Board RPEQ assessment
Chartered Professional vs Competent Person

Applying for CP


Due to a review of the program, new and current CPs can currently apply only for accreditation under the following categories:

  1. Applicants require accreditation as part of a regulatory requirement eg RPEQ
  2. Applicants who require Chartered Professional accreditation as part of an employment obligation.

The reformed Chartered Professional program will be launched on 1 January 2018 and these application restrictions will be lifted.

To request an application form, applicants will need to provide a brief statement to explaining the reasons why they require Chartered Professional Accreditation or RPEQ as part of an employment obligation.

To apply for AusIMM CP accreditation you must also:

  • be a Member or Fellow of The AusIMM
  • have a three or four year degree (or equivalent)
  • have five years of relevant work experience
  • meet key competency targets (see guidelines linked below):
Mining Metallurgy
Geology Environment
Management Geotechnical (Mining)

Application requirements

Applicants are required to complete an application form* and submit with:

  • competency statement (your written application for CP accreditation)
  • a curriculum vitae/resume
  • Evidence that over the last three years you have fulfilled the CPD requirements, as detailed in Guideline 9
  • nomination of three sponsors (referees):
    • each sponsor should have worked with the applicant for more than 12 months
    • sponsors should be CPs or RPEQs. Professionals that are deemed by the assessors of comparable standing may be accepted*
    • only one sponsor can comment on the applicant's current employer* The other two sponsors should be:
      • from other organisations, clients, previous employers or former employees of your current employer; and
      • from different stages of your career excluding your current workplace

* If you meet the restricted eligibility requirements please contact describing your circumstances in order to obtain an application form.

Application Form   CP By-laws

Chartered Professional application fees

New Chartered Professional applicants

An application fee of $220 applies for an assessment to be conducted in one discipline. An additional application fee of $110 is payable per additional discipline.

Current Chartered Professionals

An application fee of $220 applies for an assessment.


Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements

Chartered Professional members are required to maintain a CPD Logbook with a minimum average of 50 hours of CPD per year as outlined in Guideline 9 of the Chartered Professionals By-laws.

  • CPD activities are reviewed annually at random as per Guideline 12 of the Chartered Professionals By-laws
  • Once reviewed, CPs are excluded from additional CPD reviews for a period of three years
  • Any CP not selected for random review within seven years will be automatically selected for review
  • CPs who fail to submit a logbook upon request will have accreditation suspended.

All applicants should ensure that they are familiar with the requirements before lodging an application for Chartered Professional accreditation.

Online CPD Logbook   CP Guidelines


Chartered Professional benefits

All Chartered Professionals receive:

  • a letter confirming CP status with an explanation of post nominal usage;
  • a personalised Chartered Professional e-stamp;
  • eligibility to be listed on Register of Mineral Consultants
  • access to a discounted RPEQ assessment
  • A Chartered Professional Certificate and personalised Chartered Professional rubber seal (upon request)


Using Chartered Professional post-nominals

Option 1: using (CP) as part of the membership grade.
For example: John Citizen MAusIMM(CP)

Option 2: use of the discipline specific CP as a separate group of letters
For example: John Citizen MAusIMM CP(Geo), Jane Citizen FAusIMM CP(Min)

Holders of multiple CPs would have the choice of listing their disciplines in the same set of brackets separated by a comma. For example: John Citizen FAusIMM CP(Geo, Geotech)

'CP' in post-nominals refers only to Chartered Professional accreditation. It does not refer to Competent Person as defined in the JORC Code. Where there is any doubt in a passage of text caused by the use of the acronym 'CP', then it is important that the full terminology be used (ie, Chartered Professional or Competent Person).

CP only:

  • MAusIMM(CP)
  • FAusIMM(CP)
  • HonFAusIMM(CP)

Discipline Specific List:

Geology: CP(Geo) eg MAusIMM CP(Geo)
Geotechnical: CP(Geotech) eg MAusIMM CP(Geotech)
Mining Engineering: CP(Min) eg MAusIMM CP(Min)
Metallurgy: CP(Met) eg MAusIMM CP(Met)
Environmental: CP(Env)
Management: CP(Man)


RPEQ assessment

Under the Queensland ‘Professional Engineers Act 2002’ it is a requirement for engineers practicing in Queensland to be registered with the Board of Professional Engineers Queensland. The AusIMM is an approved assessing authority for RPEQ registration.

AusIMM CPs receive a discount on the application fee for RPEQ assessment.

You may apply for both RPEQ assessment and AusIMM CP accreditation by using the same form (discounts will apply). Applicants for BPEQ recommendations require a 4 years degree* or equivalent qualifications.

* Applicants who may not be able to fulfil these requirements are asked to contact

RPEQ assessment


Chartered Professional (CP) vs Competent Person

The terms 'Chartered Professional' and 'CP' should not be confused with the term 'Competent Person'. An AusIMM Chartered Professional undergoes an accreditation process through the AusIMM Chartered Professional Program while a Competent Person must meet a separate set of specific criteria in relation to the JORC code. The AusIMM Chartered Professional Program does not assess this.

A Competent Person must spell out the term in full and cannot use the acronym 'CP'. This is reserved for Chartered Professionals only.

An AusIMM Chartered Professional undergoes an accreditation process through the AusIMM Chartered Professional Program while a Competent Person must meet a separate set of specific criteria in relation to the JORC code. The AusIMM Chartered Professional Program does not assess this.

To find out more about what constitutes a Competent Person, please visit the JORC website.