Minerals Industry Careers and Guidelines

An inside look at the various industry career paths

The minerals industry is one of the most profitable and important industries in Australia. The AusIMM has prepared a comprehensive booklet detailing the range of professional careers within the minerals industry and a planning tool for new Graduates.

Professional Careers in the Minerals Industry

Graduate Program Best Practice Guidelines

Career Paths

There are a number of different potential career paths that enable them to work in the minerals industry. The AusIMM can provide further information on these career paths by giving you an inside look at our members' journeys.

Mining Engineering
Metallurgy/Mineral Processing
Environmental Engineers
Geotechnical Engineering

Career Paths

See below for further information on each of these careers.

Graduate Program Best Practice Guidelines

The Guidelines have been designed with input from The AusIMM's technical societies and leading technical professionals to form part of The AusIMM professional framework and link in with its Professional Development Program and Chartered Professional Accreditation.

The Guidelines – Structure

Section A – General elements of a graduate program

A checklist of general elements that should be common to all graduate development programs, regardless of company size or disciplines covered.

Section B – Discipline specific elements

A guide for shaping a graduate program for a specific discipline in preparation for Charterd Professional accreditation. Section B will need to be adapted to individual circumstances and preferences.
Please note that while not all disciplines are included within these guidelines, aspects may still be relevant across all minerals professions. These are guidelines only and have been formulated to assist both individuals and companies in designing their own knowledge path that is right for their specific needs.

The AusIMM Graduate Program Best Practice Guidelines

Discipline specific example timelines:

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