AusIMM Geoscience Society

Furthering the professional development of all AusIMM members with an interest in geoscience.

The Society's priority is to improve links to universities and academics in the geosciences field, and the cooperative relationships already established with groups such as the Australian Institute of Geoscientists.


Jared Broome (Chair)
Donna Edwards (Secretariat)
Phone : +61 3 9658 6135

Becoming a Society member

AusIMM members with an interest in geoscience issues can join the Society by ticking the ‘Geoscience Society’ in the Joining a Community section of the Members’ Area (click here to log in to your profile). Members of the Society are eligible to vote in committee elections, and will receive the Society newsletter and occasional emails relevant to the group.

Latest news

Stay up to date with the latest news, activities and articles from the Geoscience Society by visiting the Geoscience page on the AusIMM Bulletin website. If you have some content that may interest our readers, please let us know via the feedback form.

Conferences and Events

The Society works closely with the AusIMM Conference team to promote the group’s activities at relevant events. A full list of conferences can be found here.

For upcoming Geoscience Society events please visit the AusIMM Events Calendar.

Education and Career Initiatives


Preferred AusIMM Skills Matrix

The Society sees the maintenance of professional standards as one of its important functions and has prepared an ideal or preferred geology course structure which can be used as a guide to educators both at secondary and tertiary levels when considering geology course content and advising students geology degree content. The Society specifically refers to the course as a “Geology Degree Course” rather than the more general “Geoscience Degree Course” as the course content is specifically focussed on producing professional geologists who have the ability to move into industry or government employment or advance themselves with post graduate studies in geology. The matrix was distributed to a number of professional and tertiary institutions resulting in positive feedback. Educators commented that the matrix is a useful guide when explaining what a geology course should entail. For further information, please email the Secretariat at

The Society provides input into a diverse range of education and career initiatives such as:


The Society works closely with the AusIMM Publications Department to ensure quality technical publications relating to the profession of geoscience are made available. For more information on publications visit the AusIMM Shop.

Other Initiatives

The Society provides input into AusIMM policy positions, particularly around strategies for improving Australasia's competitiveness as a destination for mining exploration. Find out more about AusIMM's Advocacy Framework here.

AMIRA Roadmap for Exploration Under Cover

AMIRA International has commenced delivery of a roadmap aimed at helping unlock Australia's hidden mineral wealth by greatly improving the ability to find new mineral resources buried under widespread cover sediments. The aim is to develop practical solutions to exploration through these cover sequences. To find out more about the initiative visit the AMIRA webpage.

National Rock Garden

Australia’s geology has been a major source of our economic prosperity for over two hundred years however, geology is more than just mining and resources, it underlies the landscapes, history and culture of our nation.The National Rock Garden is a tribute to this geological legacy, displaying rock specimens from across the continent in a single location in the nation’s capital city, Canberra. To find out more about this world-class educational and tourist destination visit the National Rock Garden Masterplan.

Geoscience Links

The Geoscience Society has working relationships with other geoscience bodies, which extend to co-representation and joint workshops in some cases: