AusIMM Mining Society

The AusIMM Mining Society represents the education training and professional development needs of students and those working as mining engineers or in fields associated with the discipline of mining engineering.

The Society's vision is to enhance the professionalism of the mining community, through facilitating opportunities for members to improve their knowledge, skills and leadership capabilities as they relate to their work as mining professionals.


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Adrian Pratt (Chair)
Donna Edwards (Secretariat)
Phone : +61 3 9658 6135

Becoming an AusIMM Society member

AusIMM members with an interest in mining issues can join the Society by ticking the ‘Mining Society’ in the Joining a Community section of the Members’ Area ( click here to log in to your profile ). Members of the Society are eligible to vote in committee elections, and will receive the Society newsletter and occasional emails relevant to the group.

Latest news

Stay up to date with the latest news, activities, key projects and initiatives, and articles from the Mining Society by visiting the Mining page on the AusIMM Bulletin website. If you have some content that may interest our readers, please let us know via the feedback form.

Conferences and Events

The Society works closely with the AusIMM Conference team to promote the group’s activities at relevant events. A full list of conferences can be found here.

For upcoming Mining Society events please visit the AusIMM Events Calendar.

Other Initiatives

Specific projects related to mining engineering

The Society initiated two major projects that do not fall within the regular professional development program of the AusIMM. These are:

  1. Road Testing and technical talks for the Technical Guidelines For Economic Evaluation and Spreadsheet Modelling in Mining. To read more about the project and view the guidelines click here.
  2. Development of Mine Managers Handbook.To read more about the project click here.

Recruitment and retention of personnel

An important goal of the Mining Society is to ensure high quality education and training programs for undergraduate and postgraduate students and accredited mining engineers throughout Australia. The Society is also committed to attracting and retaining more women into the profession.

Mining resources

The Society continuously develops and establishes linkages with similar groups in other parts of the world, including but not limited to: