BPEQ Assessment

Under the Queensland 'Professional Engineers Act 2002' it is a requirement for engineers practicing in Queensland to be registered with the Board of Professional Engineers Queensland (BPEQ) as a Registered Professional Engineer of Queensland (RPEQ).

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PD requirements Fee schedule

BPEQ registration

The Board of Professional Engineers of Queensland (BPEQ) administers the Queensland Professional Engineers Act 2002 (The Act).

The Act prohibits persons who are not registered from providing professional engineering services in Queensland. The only exception is for individuals who practise under the supervision of registered professional engineers registered in the same area of engineering.

Contact the BPEQ for more information and to find out if you need to be registered.


Apply for assessment

The AusIMM's assessment program utilises the existing peer recognition and assessment of competence process of the AusIMM Chartered Professional (CP) Program. The AusIMM assesses the applicant and provides a recommendation to the BPEQ. Once the assessment is complete, the applicant must apply direct to the BPEQ for RPEQ registration.


To apply for assessment you must:

  • have a four year degree (or equivalent)
  • have five years of relevant work experience
  • meet key competency targets (see guidelines linked below):
Mining Environmental
Metallurgical Geotechnical (Mining)

Full details of eligibility criteria are listed in the CP By-laws.

Application requirements

Complete the application form agreeing to abide by the CP By-laws and submit with:

  • certified copy of your degree
  • competency statement (your written argument for RPEQ)
  • CV
  • Evidence that over the last three years you have fulfilled the PD requirements, as detailed in Guideline 9
  • three sponsors:
    • each sponsor should have worked with the applicant for more than 12 months
    • sponsors should be CPs or RPEQs. Professionals that are deemed by the assessors of comparable standing may be accepted*
    • only one sponsor can comment on the applicant's current workplace* The other two sponsors should be:
      • from other organisations, clients or previous employers; and
      • from different stages of your career excluding your current workplace

* Applicants who may not be able to fulfil these requirements are asked to contact cpd@ausimm.com.au

An assessment fee is payable at time of application. See the Fee Schedule for more information


Successful assessment by the AusIMM does not does not provide registration with the BPEQ. Visit the BPEQ website for the requirements and process to register.


PD requirements

RPEQs are required complete a minimum average of 50 hours of PD per year as per the AusIMM Chartered Professional Program. AusIMM members are provided with access to an Online PD Logbook. The AusIMM is contracted by the BPEQ to conduct audits of the PD undertaken by RPEQs.

PD expectations of RPEQs are outlined in Guideline 9 in the AusIMM CP By-laws.

Detailed information on this process can be found on the Chartered Professional page.

All applicants should ensure that they are familiar with these requirements before lodging an application for RPEQ assessment and/or Chartered Professional accreditation.

Fee schedule

  • AusIMM Chartered Professional Members – $220 inc GST
  • AusIMM Members (not a Chartered Professional and applying for BPEQ only) – $385 inc GST
  • AusIMM Members (not a Chartered Professional and applying for Chartered Professional and BPEQ) - $440 inc GST
  • Non-AusIMM members – $420 inc GST.

To learn more about AusIMM membership click here.