Director Profile: Alexandra Atkins

Name: Alexandra Atkins
Grade: FAusIMM(CP)
Member Since: 1987
Profession: Mining Engineer/Geologist
Position: Manager Risk Advisory / Corporate Finance
Location: Western Australia

Brief CV

Alex Atkins is a Director of The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (The AusIMM). She started her own consultancy in June 2017 to provide independent board and executive level governance and risk advisory services for business as usual and for the digital transformation of mining. Alex’s mining career started in 1986 in Kalgoorlie, WA and spans 25+ years all over Australia and PNG. Her experience is mainly in underground Au & Cu (minor open cut, Ni, Sn, Fe, coal, base metals) as a mining engineer, geologist and geotechnical engineer. Alex started with 15 years of on-site operational mine design and management mostly working for Placer Dome APAC (earning her First Class Mine Manager's Certificates (FCMMC) in 1998 in WA & 2000 in Queensland), followed by over a decade of consulting at various boutique mining consultancies and Deloitte and a stint in mine safety regulation (WA District Inspector of Mines). Alex has worked in mining from the point of view of the mine finder, mine designer, mine manager, mine regulator, Big 4 auditor and the Board (executive consulting and The AusIMM). Alex’s multi-disciplinary industry experience is through the full value chain (exploration – studies - development – production – closure).

Alex's career in 3 stages

  • Core STEM Mining Capabilities (15 years - including 8 years with Placer Dome APAC)
  • Executive Governance & Risk Capabilities (10 years - mulitple consultancies and state regulator_
  • Emergent Leader: Risk, digital transformation & environmental social governance (ESG) in mining.