Membership Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take for my application to be processed?

Once we have received your application it will take approximately four weeks for the application process to be completed (incomplete applications can take longer). Your application is firstly checked for all necessary documentation and sponsors are verified. We will contact you to confirm receipt of your application, provide you with a reference number and advise if further information is required. Each month all completed applications are forwarded to the Applications Committee for review, the committee make recommendations to the Board for consideration and approval. These recommendations are then placed on a ballot and forwarded to The AusIMM Board for approval. Confirmation of election, including a membership card and certificate will be sent by mail to your nominated postal address.

How much will my membership cost?

The cost of membership will depend on the grade to which you are applying. A once-off application fee also applies for most new or reinstating members and reinstating members may be required to pay any outstanding arrears. Go to the subscription fees page to calculate your fees. Payment must be included for applications to be processed. For reinstatements and transfers, please contact the Membership Department prior to submitting an application.

What qualification and experience do I need?

Member Grade

A copy of your CV and confirmation of your degrees, diplomas, etc should be included when applying for Member Grade The only exception is in the case of reinstatement or grade transfer where required information has previously been approved. (If your degree is in a language other than English please submit a copy in English). The following forms of confirmation are acceptable:

  1. photocopy of the degree, diploma, etc certified by at least one sponsor as a true copy, or
  2. formal statement from the tertiary institution specifying the degree, diploma, etc granted. When applying for Graduate or Associate only a C.V is required to determine your level of experience.

Student Grade

The grade of student is heavily subsidised for students who are studying full time with limited income. As per By-Law 14, this grade applies to undergraduate students undertaking their first tertiary program of Board approved study, or persons engaged in education and experience that will ultimately qualify them for Graduate or Associate membership .Candidates that already meet the admission requirements for any other grade of AusIMM membership are ineligible for admission as Student members. The Head of Program/Department or Senior Lecturer under whom the Student is studying must sponsor the application in replacement of gaining access to a corporate member.

Graduate Grade

A copy of your CV and confirmation of your degrees, diplomas, etc. should be included with this application. The only exception is in the case of reinstatement, if required information has previously been approved.

Associate Grade

A copy of your current CV should be included with this application form. Your CV should provide proof that you meet the requirements of admission to this grade, as stated in By-Law 12.

What if I don't know any AusIMM Members to sponsor my application?

In special circumstances where you cannot obtain the necessary signatures from AusIMM Corporate Members, the Board may admit applicants on production of satisfactory evidence of experience. Please contact the Membership Department in the first instance.

When do I renew my membership?

Annual subscriptions shall be payable by 1 January each year. Subscription invoices are sent to members in October of the preceding year.

What is an application under by-law 10b?

An application under By-Law 10b allows for applicants without a tertiary degree to apply for the grade of Member provided that the applicant has:

"...achieved professional status and a position of professional responsibility through a combination of formal post-secondary education and experiential learning, over a period of at least ten years whilst engaged in the minerals and extractive industries, or in government, education, research, professional or commercial organisations directly concerned with those industries".

Referee statements from sponsors will be required for this type of application. These will be requested from the sponsors once an application has been received and checked by the Membership Department.

What fees are payable to submit an online application?

Online applications for Member/Associate incur a application fee that is not refundable. Once your application has been finalised the balance of the new membership will be required. Go to the subscription fees page to calculate your fees. Payment must be included for Applications to be processed.