Celebrating 125 years

AusIMM has a long history of providing leadership for resources professionals and 2018 marks the Institute’s 125th anniversary. To celebrate this incredible milestone, an exciting and far reaching program is being developed with involvement from industry leaders from across Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

Some highlights for 2018 include:

  • Official launch of anniversary activities at AusIMM Congress and awards dinner in Adelaide in April
  • An anniversary roadshow exploring the past, present and future of the industry and  AusIMM
  • A series of 125 anniversary themed events held throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally
  • Commemorative edition of the AusIMM Bulletin
  • A dedicated website and media campaign focusing on key milestones and the stories of resources professionals past and present.
  • Branding and promotional materials for use at events throughout the year.

The AusIMM is currently seeking industry partners to join in our 2018 program and help showcase the remarkable history and bright future of resources professionals.

For all enquiries please contact Melissa Holdsworth, General Manager, Stakeholder Engagement and Partnerships

Email: mholdsworth@ausimm.com.au
Phone: +61 3 9658 6123
Mobile: 0419 952 915