Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ)

The AusIMM, under agreement with the Board of Professional Engineers Queensland (BPEQ), provides an assessment scheme to assess engineers applying to become Registered Professional Engineers of Queensland (RPEQ), who wish to provide Professional Engineering Services under the Professional Engineers Act 2002 within the mining industry in the state of Queensland.

Core disciplines in which applications can be assessed for recommendation as an RPEQ are:

  • Environment
  • Mining
  • Metallurgy
  • Geotechnical (Mining)

The AusIMM's RPEQ assessment program utilises the existing peer recognition and assessment of competence process of the AusIMM Chartered Professional (CP) Program.

The AusIMM assesses the applicant and provides a recommendation to the BPEQ. Once the assessment is complete, the applicant must apply direct to the BPEQ for RPEQ registration. Application and registration fees will be payable to the BPEQ.


Review the Chartered Professional Regulations and Guidelines to ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, as specified in Chartered Professional Regulation 11-16 (RPEQ assessment).

Apply for RPEQ Assessment

Fees: Application for RPEQ assessment/recommendation

Please note that these fees are for an RPEQ assessment and recommendation only. Following assessment and a positive recommendation by the AusIMM, the individual must apply directly to the BPEQ for registration, which requires payment of an application and registration fee to the BPEQ.

RPEQ assessment Fees 2018

Applicant status Fee (excludes GST)
AusIMM Chartered Professional (CP) $0 (free RPEQ assessment for CPs*)
AusIMM Member or Fellow (not a CP) $500
Non-member $600

*Current Chartered Professionals may request a RPEQ assessment letter to present to the BPEQ free of charge. Please email a current CV with your request for the RPEQ assessment letter to Please ensure your PD logbook is complete with the necessary 150 hours in the previous three years prior to requesting the letter.

*New applicants may apply for RPEQ accreditation and Chartered Professional accreditation links to #chartered/cp concurrently, paying the Chartered Professional application fees and receiving the RPEQ recommendation free of charge.