AusIMM Chartered Professional Program and RPEQ Assessment Scheme

Application Information

1. Review the Chartered Professional Regulations and Guidelines.

Ensure you meet the eligibility criteria, as specified in Chartered Professional Regulation 10 (Chartered Professional admission) and/or Chartered Professional Regulation 11-16 (RPEQ assessment).

2. Download and complete the Competency Statements template appropriate to your discipline.


You will need to upload this completed document as part of your online application. You will need to refer to Guideline 3: Areas of Practice when completing your competency statements.

3. Contact potential Sponsors (three (3) are required) to ask if they are willing to sponsor your application.

Guideline 4: Sponsor requirements outlines who may sponsor your application. In the online application you will need to provide the names and contact details of your Sponsors. The AusIMM will contact your Sponsors to request the reference after you submit your application.

4. Ensure you meet the Professional Development requirements.

Applicants must have completed a minimum satisfactory level of relevant Professional Development (150 hours during the three years prior to the application for CP), which must be demonstrated by a completed AusIMM PD logbook, as per Guideline 5: Professional Development requirements.

The PD logbook must be completed within one (1) week of the CP application being submitted. RPEQ only applicants (non-AusIMM members) will be given access to the logbook during the application process).

5. Gather other documentation required to be uploaded for your application:

  • Current, detailed curriculum vitae (CV)
  • Certified qualification documentation, if not previously supplied to the AusIMM (i.e. recently acquired additional qualifications)

6. Submit online application

If you are an AusIMM member you will require your AusIMM web username and password to commence the application. If you are not a member you will be prompted to create a new user account.

You may save and exit your application and come back to it at a later stage, prior to payment and submission.

7. Submit PD logbook

Once the application is submitted, you will be directed to the AusIMM PD logbook. You have one week to complete or update your PD records.

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