Professional Development (PD)

Continuing Professional Development (PD) is important for Chartered Professionals to demonstrate currency in their discipline. AusIMM Chartered Professionals must engage in a personal program of PD activities. Within each three (3) year period at least 150 hours of PD activities must be completed, averaging 50 hours per year as per:


Professional Development hours must be recorded online from 1 January 2018. For the years prior to 2018, Excel log books will be accepted.

Regular recording of PD

From 1 January 2018, Chartered Professionals must update their AusIMM PD logbook at a minimum of every three (3) months, recording any PD undertaken or entering ‘nil’ if no PD undertaken in that period. Reminders will be sent to CPs to complete this update, and any CP who does not comply may be flagged for a PD Review.

For PD undertaken in the three years prior to 1 January 2018, Chartered Professionals must maintain a record of PD undertaken either by updating the AusIMM online PD Logbook (historical entries are retained indefinitely) or by retaining an accurate PD logbook spreadsheet.

Annually, each Chartered Professional must review their PD logbook entries and declare (via electronic declaration) that:

  • their claim to PD is a true and correct record for the period of PD claimed; and
  • that the completion of at least 150 weighted hours of PD activities during the past three years has occurred.

This annual certification of ongoing Professional Development will allow members to maintain their status as a CP.

Update my AusIMM PD logbook

Career breaks, isolated work and other special circumstances

Chartered Professionals may apply for a PD exemption or reduction if they undertake a career break, are undertaking isolated work or are impacted by other special circumstances. Chartered Professional Regulations Section N and O outline these requirements.

Apply for a PD exemption due to a career break or special consideration

PD Reviews

In addition to the annual declaration of PD compliance and the quarterly requirement to update the AusIMM online PD Logbook, the AusIMM will conduct random and non-random PD Reviews of Chartered Professionals (previously called PD audits).

Chartered Professionals who have been using the Excel version of the PD Logbook (prior to 1 January 2018) can use this data in any PD review, in conjunction with the online PD logbook information after this date.

Chartered Professionals will be called for a PD Review on average every 5 years, but not more than once every three (3) years and no less than once every eight (8) years.

AusIMM Professional Development Opportunities

Professional Development Discounts

Discounts on AusIMM Professional Development (PD) for Chartered Professionals will be available as recognition of the importance of continuing PD. As a special incentive, for 2018 CPs will receive the following discounts on AusIMM PD:

  • 10% discount on registration AusIMM conferences, plus
  • 20% discount on any/all AusIMM publications, plus
  • 10% discount on any/all AusIMM webinars