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PACRIM Congress 2008

Conference Proceedings
Published in 2008

PACRIM has become the premier AusIMM geological conference on the Pacific Rim, bringing together the most recent advances in fundamental academic research, regional surveys by government agencies and the industry’s latest discoveries to showcase the importance of the Pacific Rim for global mineral wealth.

The PACRIM 2008 Congress volume will appeal to any geologist, geophysicist, or geochemist exploring in the Pacific Rim or interested in mineralisation processes in active tectonic margins.

The proceedings cover the areas of the West Pacific and South-East Asia, the Andean Region and Central America provided presenting the state-of-the-art in ore deposits research in these regions.

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‘Garnierites’ of Goro, New CaledoniaM A Wells, E R Ramanaidou, M Verrall and C Tessarolo
2.8 MB
40Ar/39Ar Geochronology of Gold Mineralisation in Central Victoria – Results and ProblemsB Fu and D Phillips
40.9 KB
A Fluid Flow Modelling Approach to Gold Exploration in the Hodgkinson Province, Far North QueenslandJ A Robinson, W Gorczyk, S Corbel and P J T Donchak
954.1 KB
Active Multistatic High Resolution Electromagnetic Imaging of the Subsurface for Mining ApplicationsR A Marschall and G E Holt
4.8 MB
Advanced Tele-Autonomous Systems – The Wireless Future of Marine MiningG Baiden and Y Bissiri
5.9 MB
Alteration and Structural Control of Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) Mineralisation in the Vallenar Region, Coastal Cordillera, ChileK Heppe, E P Nelson, M Hitzman and J Skarmeta
46.2 KB
An Integrated Geochemical Approach for Future Mineral Exploration in QueenslandJ Tang
45.5 KB
Artificial Neural Networks Applied to Mineral Potential Mapping – Case Studies for Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG), Platinum Group Elements (PGE) and Orogenic-Gold Deposits in the Amazon, BrazilC R de Souza Filho, E P Leite and L A Magalhães
56.3 KB
Banded Iron Formation to High-Grade Iron Ore – The Fallacy of Supergene EnrichmentD F Lascelles
921.1 KB
Broaden Your Exploration Horizons with Spectral Data – Rapid Assessment of Alteration Systems for Improved TargetingS Pontual
92.0 KB
Characteristics of Fluid Coexisting with Granitoids Associated with Miocene Iron-Copper-Lead-Zinc Mineralisation of the Chichibu Skarn Deposit, JapanD Ishiyama, M Miyata, T Mizuta, H Satoh, M Ogasawara and M Fukuyama
1.2 MB
Characteristics of the Roots of a Classic Copper-Gold Porphyry System – The Batu Hijau Copper-Gold Porphyry Deposit, IndonesiaD Setyandhaka, J Arif and J Proffett
4.9 MB
Circum-Pacific Porphyry Copper, Gold and Molybdenum DepositsD R Cooke, P Hollings and J Holliday
1.4 MB
Data Driven Resource Discovery Using Self-Organising Maps – An IntroductionS J Fraser, J H Hodgkinson and B L Dickson
428.7 KB
Diamond Provenance Studies from 40Ar/39Ar Laser-Probe Dating of Clinopyroxene InclusionsD Phillips and J W Harris
90.1 KB
Drilling of Shallow Marine Sulfide-Sulfate Mineralisation in the South-Eastern Tyrrhenian Sea, ItalyJ B Gemmell, S Petersen, T Monecke, M D Hannington, K Lackschewitz, N Augustin, H Gibson, K Perrin, R Sharpe and K Simpson
134.4 KB
Dynamic Melting and Mixing Processes in the Mantle Wedge – Insight from Numerical ModellingW Gorczyk, T V Gerya, J A D Connolly and D Yuen
42.2 KB
Epithermal Silver-Gold Veins at Palmarejo, Guadalupe and La Patria, Chihuahua, MexicoV H Galván, D R Cooke, J B Gemmell, M Maslowski, C Zesati and J Castorena
301.5 KB
Exploration and Resource Estimation 1500 m Under the SeaA Richmond, I Lipton, C Riley, N Davies and J Carpenter
33.0 KB
Fluid Inclusion Insights into the Origins of Fluids and Metals in Porphyry Copper DepositsB G Rusk, A H Hofstra, P Emsbo, A G Hunt, G P Landis and R O Rye
1.3 MB
Geochemical Characteristics of Strongly Acidic Thermal Water of the Tamagawa Hot Spring in North-Eastern Japan – Implications for Source and Transportation of Rare Metals in Magmatic Hydrothermal to Geothermal SystemsH Satoh, D Ishiyama, T Mizuta, M Yamamoto and T Nakano
667.5 KB
Geochemical Detection of Mineralisation Buried by Deep CoverD Cohen, A Mokhtari, N Rutherford and S Gatehouse
1.6 MB
Geochemical Prospecting in Covered TerranesT Wakefield
37.1 KB
Geodynamics of Giant Porphyry Ore DepositsG Rosenbaum and D Giles
1.8 MB
Geologic and Stable Isotope Evidence for Submarine Diatreme Formation, and Emplacement of the Boyongan and Bayugo Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposits, PhilippinesD P Braxton, D R Cooke, R O Rye and E U Petersen
206.1 KB
Geology and Mineralisation of the Chatree Epithermal Gold-Silver Deposit, Petchabun Province, Central ThailandG Cumming, R James, A Salam, K Zaw, S Meffre, W Lunwongsa and S Nuanla-ong
1007.4 KB
Geology and Preliminary Fluid Inclusion Study on Qiagong Skarn Iron (Copper) Deposit, Tibet, ChinaY Xie, G Li, S C Dominy, Y Li and L Zhang
3.8 MB
Geology of the Epithermal Huevos Verdes Vein System and San José District, Deseado Massif, Patagonia, ArgentinaA Dietrich, R Gutierrez, E P Nelson and P W Layer
75.9 KB
Grasberg Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposit, Papua, Indonesia – Structural Setting and Hydrothermal SystemM Cloos
48.1 KB
High-Grade Supergene Enriched and Exotic Copper Deposits in the Sepon Mineral District, Lao PDRJ Cannell and S Smith
1.8 MB
Integration of Disparate Data Types for Resource Estimation – A Nickel Laterite ExampleJ Horton
55.3 KB
Japanese Activities in Exploring and Evaluating Seafloor Massive SulfidesK Iizasa
39.9 KB
Late Mesozoic Porphyry Copper-(Gold-Molybdenum) Deposits, Eastern Yangtze Craton, Eastern China – An Intracraton Extensional SettingJ-W Li, X-F Zhao, M-F Zhou and P Vasconcelos
52.7 KB
Macro and Microdiamonds, Diamond Indicator Minerals and Indicators for Diamond Exploration in QueenslandL C Cranfield and G Diprose
494.5 KB
Massive Sulfide Deposits on the Deep Ocean Floor – The Dawning of a New Mining IndustryS D Scott
52.3 KB
Mineral Exploration in the Western United States Using Visible Short-Wave Infrared and Mid-Wave Long-Wave Infrared Hyperspectral Imagers – Joint Airborne Collection Using Hyperspectral Systems (JACHS)C Wright, D N Riley, W A Peppin and N W Schulenburg
13.0 MB
Mineral Mapping Queensland – Iron Oxide Copper Gold (IOCG) Mineral System Case History, Starra, Mount Isa InlierT Cudahy, M Jones, M Thomas, C Laukamp, M Caccetta, R Hewson, M Verrall, A Hacket and A Rodger
285.0 KB
Mineralisation and Oxygen Isotope Zonation of Chatree Epithermal Gold-Silver Deposit, Phetchabun Province, Central ThailandA Salam, K Zaw, S Meffre, S Golding, J McPhie, S Suphananthi and R James
2.1 MB
Modelling the Production and Migration of Magmatic Volatiles and Metamorphic Fluids – Examples Relating to Archaean Gold Mineralisation in the YilgarnH A Sheldon
156.4 KB
Modern Seafloor Sulfide Hydrothermal Systems – A Comparison of Pacific and Mid-Atlantic EnvironmentsN S Bortnikov
56.9 KB
Ore Fluid Chemistry in Super-Giant Porphyry Copper DepositsJ J Wilkinson, C C Wilkinson, V H Vry, B G Rusk, J Séguel, M Zentilli and T E Jeffries
77.0 KB
Origin of Sedimentary Rock-Hosted Gold Mineralisation at Kyaukpahto, Kawlin-Wuntho District, Northern MyanmarK Zaw
1.9 MB
Overview of the White Rock Tungsten Deposit, New South WalesK E Worden and G D Carman
3.1 MB
Pervasive Supergene Manganese Enrichment Throughout the Late Cenozoic, South ChinaJ-W Li, P Vasconcelos and X D Deng
104.4 KB
Petrogenetic Relationships and Metallogeny Above Flat Subduction – The Example from Central PeruT Bissig and R M Tosdal
49.8 KB
Porphyry Copper-Molybdenum (Gold) Deposits of Southern and Western China – Contrasting Arc and Intracontinental Settings for Ore FormationA C Harris, N C White, I H Campbell and C M Allen
340.4 KB
Prospectivity Modelling of Granite-Related Nickel Deposits Throughout Eastern AustraliaM P Hill and A McCarthy
164.4 KB
Prospectivity Modelling of Mineralisation Systems in Papua New Guinea Using Weights of Evidence TechniquesK Peters and G Partington
674.6 KB
Quantitative Assessment of Undiscovered Gold Endowment in Central and Western Victoria, AustraliaV Lisitsin, A Olshina, D Moore and C Willman
48.5 KB
Quartz and Fluid Inclusions from Porphyry Deposits – Were Hydrosilicate Liquids Involved?V S Kamenetsky and O V Vasyukova
478.6 KB
Recognition of Wall Rock Alteration Surrounding Central Victorian Gold DepositsD Arne, E House and V Lisitsin
110.1 KB
Skarns in the Porphyry Copper-Gold EnvironmentD B Forster and P M Downes
1.4 MB
Social Viability of an Expanded Seafloor Exploration and Mining Industry in AustraliaJ M Parr, N Boughen, S Johns, A Littleboy, C J Yeats and P Ashworth
2.3 MB
Spectral Characteristics of the Ravenswood Gold Deposit, North Queensland, and its Application to Near-Mine and Regional ExplorationN Lisowiec, S Halley and L Ryan
414.9 KB
Stratigraphic Controls of Calc-Silicate Alteration and Copper-Gold Mineralisation of the Deep Mill Level Zone Skarn, Ertsberg District, Papua, IndonesiaL M Gandler and J R Kyle
1.9 MB
Sulfur Isotope Signatures for Orogenic Gold Deposits, Lachlan Orogen, New South WalesP M Downes and P K Seccombe
507.6 KB
Supergene Alunite Group Minerals from Porphyry Copper- Gold Districts in the Southern Atacama Desert as Probe for Climatic Versus Tectonic Controls on Copper-Oxide MineralisationT Bissig and R Riquelme
60.0 KB
Supergene Dispersion of Antimony and a Geochemical Exploration Model for Antimony Ore DepositsG A Diemar, P Leverett and P A Williams
44.0 KB
Systematic Approach in Environmental Assessment of Seafloor Massive Sulfide MiningT Yamazaki
54.4 KB
The Black Mountain Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposit, Baguio District, PhilippinesG Sweet, P Hollings, P Waters, M Baker and D R Cooke
15.1 MB
The Campamento Gold/Silver Deposit, Southern Mexico – Telescoping of Epithermal Mineralisation Over Early-Formed Porphyry-Style AlterationN H Jansen and T Christopher
25.5 KB
The Character and Spatial Distribution of Epithermal Gold Mineralisation at the Ladolam Gold Deposit, Lihir Island, Papua New GuineaJ Rutter, J L Blackwell, G D Carman, D R Cooke, K Dala, N Javati, R Johnstone, D Kikiha, B Likia, J McPhie and T O’Sullivan
1.9 MB
The Dynamics of Stress and Fluid Pressure States in Fracture-Controlled Hydrothermal Systems – Implications for Ore GenesisS F Cox
40.0 KB
The Fruta del Norte Epithermal Gold-Silver Deposit, South-East EcuadorP W Stewart and S Leary
50.6 KB
The Kermadec Arc, New Zealand – A Ten-Year Odyssey of Discovery Along the World’s Most Hydrothermally Active Intraoceanic ArcC E J de Ronde et al
35.7 KB
The Manantial Espejo Epithermal Low-Sulfidation Silver (-Gold) Deposit, Deseado Massif, ArgentinaS Wallier and R M Tosdal
603.5 KB
The Mechanical and Fluid Pressure Evolution of the Argo Fault Zone, St Ives Goldfield, Western Australia – An Example of an Archaean, Shear-Hosted, Mesothermal Gold SystemM A Crawford and S F Cox
24.6 KB
The Miocene Morococha District, Central Peru – Large-Scale Epithermal Polymetallic Overprint on Multiple Intrusion-Centred Porphyry SystemsK Kouzmanov, A Bendezú, H Catchpole, M Ageneau, J Pérez and L Fontboté
2.4 MB
The National Geochemical Survey of Australia – Aims and StrategyP de Caritat
5.1 MB
The Non-Sulfide Zinc Ores of Accha (Peru) – Mineralogical and Petrographic Signature as a Key for Economic RecoveryM Boni, G Balassone, J K de Wet, J D Singleton and V Arseneau
563.6 KB
The Oldest Epithermal Gold Deposits?G N Phillips
156.6 KB
The Origin, Flux and Fate of Precious Metals in Modern Hydrothermal SystemsS F Simmons and K L Brown
34.8 KB
The PACMANUS Seafloor Sulfide Field, Eastern Manus Basin, Papua New GuineaR A Binns, J M Parr and C J Yeats
861.0 KB
The Pebble Copper-Gold-Molybdenum Porphyry Deposit, South-West Alaska, USAJ R Lang, C M Rebagliati, K Roberts and J G Payne
60.5 KB
The South-West Zone Breccia-Centred Copper-Gold Prospect of the Galore Creek Alkalic Porphyry District, North-West British Columbia, CanadaK Byrne, R M Tosdal and D Schwab
553.4 KB
Three-Dimensional and Numerical Modelling – Tools for Assessing Mineral Resource Potential Under CoverM Scott, L Feltrin, J McLellan, K Wilkinson, O Dixon, M Fitzell, P Blake and D Purdy
1.3 MB
Timescale of Forming a Giant Porphyry Copper-Gold Deposit – Ok Tedi, Papua New GuineaM van Dongen, R F Weinberg, A G Tomkins and R A Armstrong
413.9 KB
Using Comb-Layered Textures in Porphyry Ore Deposits to Sample Pristine Magmatic FluidsA C Harris, D R Cooke, N C White, L Danyushevsky and S Gilbert
45.7 KB
Willemite Ores in Namibia and Zambia – A New LookM Boni, R Terracciano and J Schneider
916.8 KB
Zonation in Skarns – Complexities and Controlling FactorsZ Chang and L D Meinert
47.4 KB